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remote controlled garage doors

On a cold, wet, windy day, one of the last things you want to do is get out of your car to open the garage door. The convenient, luxurious alternative is to come home to an automatic garage door, operated by remote control from the comfort of the car. It's a touch of luxury that we can provide.

The expertise that has produced a range of remote control systems which are uniquely quiet, technologically advanced yet simple to use and which will add a touch of luxury and value to your home.

The range is based on a revolutionary concept in electric operator design. Traditional garage door electric operators have all worked according to the same principle - a motor located at the end of the boom has powered a chain, screw or belt to move, so opening and closing the door. The range redefines this concept, featuring a unique, patented static chain and gliding DC motor. As a result, the number of moving parts is kept to an absolute minimum, keeping the operation uniquely and totally maintenance free.

The flexibility of the system means an electric operator can be fitted with even the smallest of clearances between the door and the ceilng (30mm from the highest point of the door movement as standard) and secured in virtually any position, using existing ceiling supports. No other range of electric operators offers this degree of flexibility.

What's more, there's a system to suit every type and make of garage door, new or old.


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